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Meet the Team

O’Connor Nurseries Ltd.is an equal opportunities employer, with a strong tradition of employing local people. Currently there is over 20 working here, however this does fluctuate seasonally.


Jim & Helen O’Connor- (Proprietors) Jim is a Barnland native, his interest in horticulture was fostered at a young age.  Brought up in the nurseries by his parents Barney and Breda he has been immersed in the business all his life.   Nowadays alongside with wife Helen, together they have taken the nursery from strength to strength with the support of a long standing and dedicated team of staff.


Helen also handles financial aspects of the nurseries, bringing her accountancy qualification into good stead.



Nursery Manager- Bernard Seal is our resident horticultural expert.  Joining us more than 10 years ago, a fountain of knowledge concerning the plants and bedding- Bernard brings his vast experience to excellent use here at the nurseries.  Originally gaining his Horticultural qualification from Hadlow College-UK.  He has worked in many award winning nurseries and companies including Botany Bay Nurseries, Redwich Nurseries, Young Plants Ltd. and R.A. Meredith & Sons all in the UK.  Any unusual or difficult queries- Bernard’s your man!





PJ Doyle- Accounts, PJ keeps all our finances in order.  He manages the accounts and  keeps our records up to date.  If you are looking for a few bob- he’s your man.


Geraldine-  We are blessed to have Geraldine back on board in 2017 and she has got straight back into the swing of it. Ger’s bubbly personality and unrivallled organisationals skills to the table. 



Danny oversees the planting of the seed raised material on our computerized transplanter which was introduced to the nursery in 2009.  He heads up our “Bedding Planting” team.  Danny has been with the nursery since 2002 and his knowledge and experience is invaluable with both our plants and our Urbanatti transplanter.






Brian & Paddy- Are our drivers here at O’Connor Nurseries- these two can be counted on to deliver your orders on time and in good condition with a smile!  Again two local boys, experienced hands at the wheel they can be trusted to know every back road in the country.Their friendly & helpful manner is always appreciated at departure to delivery. 



Ailish O’Connor is Jim’s sister, she was also immersed in the nursery from a young age and went on to complete a degree in horticulture from Rittle College in England.  

She has a wealth of knowledge in relation to young cutting or seed raised material. If you have any requirement in plugs for all seasons please contact  Ailish on 087 934 5555.




Wendy- she can be relied on to select the best plants in the nursery.  But more than that she is a wealth of knowledge on what has worked in the past and what we could do better in the future.  She notes the trends in flower sales which is invaluable for future planting.



We have a valued team of women who pack your requirements from your order sheet onto the trolleys. These ladies have a keen eye and with a woman’s touch can be trusted to select top qualities plants and dispatch them with care.




Ann- Added Value Co-ordinator. Ann brings her sharp imagination and creative flair to the nursery.  She is responsible for designing our extensive range of magnificent hanging baskets, window boxes and tubs.  You may have met Ann at shows like Glas or seen her designs for the shows. 






Peter –  Peter has the responsibility of ensuring orders and trolleys are ready for dispatch.  This also involves making sure that everything is expertly packed to ensure that the plants arrive intact and in excellent condition.




Daniel-  We are lucky to have Daniel onboard from Community Workshop in Enniscorthy, he works here three mornings a week. Daniel helps with many things about the glasshouses and is more than happy to help alongside team leaders. Daniel is very efficent & resposible for the maintenance of our hedging perimeters & grass cutting.